Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jiang cheng (changiddy cheng she bop)

Friday we drove three hours to visit her orphanage, the Jiang Cheng Social Welfare Institute, we all had to sing the "we'll always be together" song from Grease every time one of us said Jiang Cheng. The drive was beautiful. We saw fields built into steppes on the mountain, pagodas on the hilltops, people randomly peeing on the side of the road, amd truckloads of tasty bacon pigs. The area she is from is much more tropical with tons of bamboo forests.

The orphanage was both wonderful and heartbreaking. It is very small, only about 30 kids under 4 and two older 7 year old girls. The orphanage is the top two floors of a building, the bottom level is an old folks home. They only seem to use three rooms on the top level right now. The nannies all clearly loved her and were happy to see her and feed her lunch. The speed they fed her with made her "come on!!!!" looks when I am doing it make so much more sense. We got to show the nannies some photos of a little gorl from our chirch who came from the same orphanage, it was so sweet to see the, tear up with happiness over how well one of "their" babies was doing. We also got to spend some time woth some little ones whose mamas are on the way soon. I said a little prayer over the, at they stay safe and healthy intil their families come. One of the older girls really broke me, Lexi was clearly "hers" and they were so excited to see each other. When it was time to go it was fine and she happily wrapped herself around my neck and left.

After the orphanage, we saw a little more of the town, had a fabulous local Chinese lunch, the took the long ride back. Praise Jesus she is a car sleeper!!!



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