Friday, September 14, 2012

Life with Lexie

Thursday we had a tourist day. We started out visiting the Chen Family Ancestral complex, which is a beautiful ancient home with lots of artifacts to look at. Unfortunately it was 7000 degrees with 600% humidity, so Lexi was a little grumpy. It was the first temper we have seen from her, but in true Jenkins fashion a little sugar in the form of lollipop calmed her down.







I think Liam's favorite part was all of the teenagers that came up and wanted their pictures made with an American.


After the Chen family site, we went to the Canton Tower. It is the tallest structure in china, 111 stories tall and has overlooks on the top floors (for reference- sears tower is 108). It was too smoggy to see well from the top, but it was really interesting. On the very top the brave guys rode a ride that you get strapped in, lean forward and it shoots you up and down.







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